Religious Studies | Seminar in N. Amer. Rel. Hist.: American Catholicism at Mid-Century
R735 | 3616 | Weaver

R735 Seminar in North American Religious History: American Catholicism at
Mid Century.  (3 Cr.) W 4:00-6:30 WH 204 (Weaver)

American Catholicism goes into the next millennium very much shaped by the
events of the second Vatican council (1962-65).  Our purpose will be to
understand Catholicism before that grand historical movement, viz., to
read about American Catholicism in the years between the First World War
and the election of Pope John XXIII (1958).

Pre-requisites: Students should know the general outlines of Catholicism
and its American embodiment.  If you do not know these things, please do
some advance reading.  I will be happy to provide you with a list.

Required Reading:

	Mary Jo Weaver/Debra Campbell, editors, Grailville: Women in
Community, 1944-1994. U.S. Cath Historian vol 11 #4; Mary Jo Weaver, New
Catholic Women; Gene Burns, The Frontiers of Catholicism: The Politics of
Ideology in a Liberal World; Jay Dolan and Alan Deck, editors, Hispanic
Culture in the U.S.; John T. McGreevy, Parish Boundaries: The Catholic
Encounter with Race in the Twentieth-Century Urban North; James T. Fisher,
The Catholic Counterculture in America, 1933-62; Alden Brown, The Grail
Movement and American Catholicism 1940-75; Peter Huff, Allen Tate and the
Catholic Revival; Keith F. Pecklers, The Unread Vision: The Liturgical
Movement in the United States of America 1926-1955; Gregory D. Black, The
Catholic Crusade Against Movies, 1940-1970; Georges Passelecq and Bernard
Suchecky, The Hidden Encyclical of Pius XI; Mary J. Oates, The Catholic
Philanthropic Tradition in America.