Religious Studies | Colloq. on N. Amer. Relig. Hist.: Recent Studies of Buddhism in N. America
R735 | 3617 | Nattier

R735 Colloquium on North American Religious History: Recent Studies of
Buddhism in North America (3 Cr.) M 4:00-6:30 plus an additional half hour
time slot to be announced  SY 224 * Meets first 8 weeks only (Nattier)

During the past year (and since R635/735 was last offered) a number of new
publications, many of them book-length studies or edited collections, have
appeared.  We will explore this new material in depth, with special
attention to issues of methodology.  We will also pay close attention to
the ways in which the still very new field of "American Buddhism" is being

Readings will include, but will not be limited to, the following recent
and forthcoming books: Charles S. Prebish and Kenneth K. Tanaka, eds.,
Faces of Buddhism in America; Duncan Ryuken Williams and Christopher S.
Queen, eds., American Buddhism; Richard Seager, [forthcoming overview of
American Buddhism]; Charles S. Prebish, Luminous Passage; Thomas A. Tweed
and Stephen Prothero, eds., Asian Religions in America: A Documentary
History; David K. Yoo, ed., New Spiritual Homes: Religion and Asian
Americans.  There will also be a course reader containing recent journal
articles on aspects of Buddhism (and other Asian religions) in America.

Because this is a first-eight-weeks course, there will be no final
research paper. Instead, a short critical essay on some portion of each
week's reading will be due every Monday.  No written assignment will be
due at our weekly session (a shorter and more informal meeting; time to be
arranged based on your schedules).  Our final meeting will be during the
week of March 1st; this should give you considerable extra time to devote
to papers for your other seminars at the end of the semester.

This course will not recapitulate the content of R635 (the seminar on
North American Buddhism offered in the fall of 1998-99), and may be taken
for credit by those that participated in that seminar.  For those who did
not, a brief advance reading list will be made available, which will bring
you up to speed on the major topics covered in that course.

Prerequisite: R354, R350, R336, R432, or permission of instructor.  Note
that this seminar requires some background in Buddhism or North American
religious history, but not both.