THTR T529 Sec. 4212 F. Silberstein

Studies in Theatre Technology

TOPIC: Scenic Engineering

11:15a-12:05p MWF 3 cr. hrs.

Prerequisite:Consent of the instructor.

Course Goals: This course attempts to familiarize the student with basic engineering concepts of static mechanics and strength of materials with the aim of developing the student's ability to critically analyze scenic structural designs for possible failure. The approach is cautionary with the primary emphasis being on the vulnerability of engineering science.

Special Characteristics: This course is specifically designed to satisfy the special needs of theatre technicians with quantitative analysis being accomplished wither graphically or by the use of simple algebra. Instruction is primarily by visual means with extensive use of slides, drawings, charts and photographs of structures and specimens.

Parker and Ambrose:Simplified Engineering for Architects and Builders. 8th ed., John Wiley & Sons, 1993.
Problem Packet
ASSIGNMENTS: Approximately (24)
EXAMS: (2) Mid-Term and Final.