West European Studies | Modern European Culture and National Identity
E103 | 0107 | Ipsen

Meets MW 12:20-1:10P

This course examines European history and national identity in the
late modern period (1800-present).  Specifically, we explore
expressions of national identity and myth as they are revealed in
literature, music, movies, and painting.  Topics to be covered may
include: Napoleon and Stendahl, French impressionism, British empire
and Industry in poetry and music, the British literary culture of the
1930s, Italian and German opera, Italian neorealist cinema, British
rock and roll in the 1960s.  In order to better understand nation and
identity we shall begin by briefly exploring language and geography
as well as the evolution of the nation state and nationalism. About
two-thirds of class meetings will consist of lectures complemented by
various visual and musical material.  The other one-third will be
devoted to discussion of the central issues and problems of the
course. Grades will be based on several quizzes, a mid-term and a
final exam, and three short papers (the first two of which may be
rewritten). For more information, see the course home page at http://www.indiana.edu/~histweb/spring2000/ipsen/e103/index.htm.