West European Studies | Fascist Italy
W605 | 4245 | Ipsen

Meets M 3:00-5:00P
Meets with HIST H620
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This course begins with the questions of what is fascism and what is
fascist ideology, considered in a multinational context. We then move
on to the political, social, and (to a somewhat lesser degree)
cultural history of Fascist Italy. The course will insofar as
possible follow a political/chronological trajectory from the
development of Italian Fascism as a movement, to its transformation
into a political party, to the seizure of power, the major Fascist
social and economic programs, Fascist imperialism in Libya and
Ethiopia, the alliance with Nazi Germany, entrance into World War II,
and finally to defeat and resistance. Along the way we shall
encounter social issues bearing on class; fascism in the provinces;
fascist virility and its counterpart, namely “model wives and
mothers;” the fascistization of youth and so forth. Students will be
responsible for weekly readings and several written assignments.
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