West European Studies | Literature-Arts & Their Relationship
W605 | 4248 | Maiorino

Meets TR 9:30-10:45A
Meets with CMLT C355, C655, and WEUR W406
Obtain online authorization from department

Topic: Trends in 20th Century Arts and Literature

This interdisciplinary course will focus on literature, painting,
sculpture, architecture, and the history of ideas.  The thematic
focus of the course will be on the concept of exhaustion, as it found
expression in the aesthetics of ruins, fragmentation, posthumousness,
and the end of art.  As formal expressions of such an artistic
mindset, attention will be paid to the techniques of open-endedness,
collage, pastiche, and bricolage.  Among the writers and artists
covered will be Beckett, Giacometti, Pirandello, Borges, Calvino,
Eco, Cioran, Barth, Jasper Johns, Francis Bacon, Andy Warhol, Hans
Hollein, Charles Moore, Bernard Tschumi, Gehry, and Isozaki.
Attention will be paid to comparisons between pre-modern and post-
modern, especially with regard to Mannerism and Neo-Mannerism.