West European Studies | Seminar in Italian Film
W605 | 4254 | Bondanella

Meets R 4:00-6:00P, T 7:00-10:00P
Films shown T 7:00-10:00P
Meets with Frit M500, CMCL C596, and CMLT C790
Obtain online authorization from department

Topic:  "Rossellini, De Sica, and the Heritage of Italian Neorealism
in Film and Literature"

W605 and its various crosslisted equivalents will employ the same
film series presented in W405 and will focus upon Italian
neorealism.  It will naturally require more secondary reading, as
well as the screening of some additional films not screened in the
weekly series. Grades will be based upon class discussion, assigned
class presentations, and a final research paper (topic of the
student's choice).  Some knowledge or interest in cinema, some
knowledge of critical theory, and a reading knowledge of either
Italian or French would be helpful.  (No credit for reading knowledge
of Italian will be gained from this seminar unless the student
demonstrates in a research paper that he or she can deal with Italian
criticism in a satisfactory manner and employs it in a substantial
way in the paper).  M500 will discuss not only Italian neorealism and
its heritage in the cinema but also the tradition of literary
neorealism as well.
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