Apparel Merchandising / Interior Design | History of Textiles and Costume I
H311 | 0518 | Rowold

Meeting Day and Time:  M, W, 4-5:15

Course Description and Content

Costume in western civilization relating to social, economic,
political and religious events from early civilization through
seventeenth century.  Examination of the visual arts as
resources for costume history.

Required Texts and Readings

Payne, Winaker and Farrel-Beck.  The History of Costume,
NY:  Harper Collins Publications,
Inc. 1992

Outline Course Requirements

Class attendance is essential as many slide and overhead
transparencies will be used in examining costume evolution
over the centuries.  Semester grade is based on three objective
style unit exams, one subjective style final exam, and one eight
to ten page term paper.

Other Comments

Selected additional readings may be distributed during class