Apparel Merchandising / Interior Design | Professional Techniques in the Apparel Industry
H319 | 0520 | Shaffer

Meeting Day and Time: M,   11:15-12:30

Course Description and Content

This course examines professional techniques and
competencies applicable to careers in the apparel industry.
This course specifically addresses subjects that will help
students not only in interviewing and preparing for a career
search, but also topics that will benefit students once they are
in a retail position.

Required Texts and Readings

T.I.S. supplement

Outline Course Requirements

Students contract for a grade and work individually towards
their goals by completing a career search, resume, marketing
to the retail industry, a video-taped interview, and review of
current literature on related subject material.

Other Comments

This course is specifically designed to allow students to
develop techniques that they can use to improve both
personally and professionally.  Excellent for students
preparing for internships or careers in merchandising.  1 hr.
credit/8 week class.