Apparel Merchandising / Interior Design | Fashion Analysis and Theory
H406 | 0527 | Christiansen

Meeting Day and Time M, W, 4:00-5:15 P

Course Description and Content

The course is designed to equip the student with an adequate
understanding of the classic and modern fashion theories in
order to provide a base to intelligently draw from those
theories and apply them to the design, merchandising,
manufacture and consumption of fashion-oriented products.
Fashion is embedded in a psychological, social, and cultural
milieu.  Thus, it becomes necessary not only to understand but
also critique the existing theories based on this embeddedness.
Specifically, the student will:  Become familiar with the
classic and contemporary theories of fashion.

Demonstrate a working knowledge of theories of fashion.

Develop a critical understanding of the different paradigms
from which fashion theories come.

Develop techniques in analysis and criticism of the existing
theories with hopes that this process will lead to meaningful
advancements of theory.

Required Texts and Readings

A required packet of readings from T.I.S. Bookstore.

Outline Course Requirements

Class participation including discussion and critical thinking
will be crucial to the student's success in this course.  Policies
and procedures adopted by the department of Apparel
Merchandising and Interior Design as well as Indiana
University regulations will be followed.

Other Comments

Prerequisite:  Junior Standing

This course is based on lecture, discussion, and group
brainstorming.  It will be important to participate in each step
of the process.

There will be daily work which will include a collection of
critiques from the readings and a final 5-8 page paper that will
reflect your understanding of fashion theory.  Grades will be
determined based on quality of the work done, class
attendance, participation in discussions and group

Article Synopsis and Abstracts:  Readings from the packet will
be read, a synopsis written, class notes added, critique given,
and application made.  These will be handed in at various
times as indicated on the course schedule.

Group Brainstorming:  Throughout the course, the students
will work in groups to try to brainstorm for ways in which the
theories do or don't make sense in terms of application to the
"real world." As you participate in these discussions it will be
important for you to make notes to yourself so that you can
draw from these discussions for your final paper.

Final Paper:  The final paper will be a 5-8 page critique of a
fashion theory of your choice or a collection of theories.  In
addition, the paper should include examples from the "real
world" that helps illustrate the chosen theory (i.e. merchandise
found in stores, pictures from magazines, vintage clothing
stores, MTV or BET videos).  Further expectations of the
paper will be outlined in class.  APA format required. An oral
presentation of your paper will count for 25% of your final
project's grade.