Apparel Merchandising / Interior Design | Creative Apparel Design - Pattern Drafting
H407 | 0528 | Christiansen

Meeting Day and Time:  M, W, 1:25-3:25

Course Description and Content

Apparel design through the fundamental principles and
processes of pattern development methods.  Experimentation
with sloper development and pattern drafting to produce
original apparel designs.

Required Texts and Readings

Pattern Making by the Flat-pattern Method, Eight Edition
by Norma Hollen and Carolyn J. Kundel

Outline Course Requirements

A quarter-scale development and drafting notebook will be
completed, comprising examples of all techniques learned in
class.  Two major projects will be completed during the
semester:  a pleated skirt and final drafted or draped
garment.  For these projects patterns will be developed,
followed by garment construction. Also, a number of  full size
patterns will be developed and  included in the grade.