Anthropology | Language and Culture
L200 | 0492 | Le Sourd

How do the languages that people speak reflect their cultures and their
traditions?  Does the language that a person speaks influence the way he or
she thinks and perceives the world?  What can jokes tell us about how we
are perceived by members of another culture?  What does a child have to
learn to learn a language?  Can children acquire a language under social
conditions that provide them with no consistent language to learn?  How do
languages change over time?  Can we learn about ancient cultures by
reconstructing the languages that ancient peoples spoke?  This course seeks
to address such questions through case studies of languages and their
cultural contexts.  It provides an introduction to the methods of modern
linguistics, but requires no previous experience with the discipline.  Work
for the course includes a series of problems that provide students with
hands-on experience with the methods of linguistic analysis, three response
papers, and midterm and final exams.