Biology | Writing Workshop in Molecular Biology
L322 | 0658 | Malacinski

Course format: Lecture: 9:30A-10:45A, TR, JH A107.

Requirements:  P: Biol L211. Section open to majors only.  Above section
COAS Intensive Writing Section and also requires registration in COAS W333.
Above section does not meet lecture requirements.

Course description: L322 will fill the IW requirement of a COAS degree.  It
is an "engineered" course, in the sense that it has been planned out--from
beginning to end--with the help of educational specialists.  It will meet 8
AM Tuesdays and Thursdays, and will have an additional one-hour per week
cooperative learning group associated with it.

The scientific journal report will be the main course material.  We will
learn how they are written, why they are written the way they are, and how
we would go about writing one ourselves.

The course will be limited to 25 students.  L211 is the only prerequisite.
Please e-mail Professor Malacinski (malacins) if you have any questions.

Required text: A learning manual, developed by Professor Malacinski, will
be available at the local bookstores.

Weekly assignments: TBA.

Exams/papers: TBA.