Biology | Human Parasitology
M375 | 0667 | Mower

Course format: Lecture: 2:30P-3:20P, MW and 3:35P-4:25P, R, JH A105.  In
addition, there will be three hours of lab per week (1:25P-4:25P, F, JH

Requirements:  P: Biol L111 and L112.  R:  Biol M215 or M315.

Course description: Biology of human parasites focusing on their etiology,
epidemiology, immunology, diagnosis treatment and their major role in the
progression of AIDS.  Major groups of protozoa, helminths and medically
important arthropods will be covered.  Lab section (3 hr/wk) will present
both live and fixed materials complementing lecture.  Lab/lecture (1 hr/wk)
will introduce procedures and concepts for the lab.

Required text: Despommier, "Parasitic Disease", third edition.

Weekly assignments: Lecture - none. Lab - two-three small projects (mostly
done in lab).

Exams/papers: Lecture - weekly quizzes, one final. Two lab practical exams.