Biology | Biomedical Sci Documentation
M400 | 0671 | Staff

Course format: Lecture: 1:25P-2:15P, F, JH 440 (plus discussions with

Requirements: Ability to use a word processor and status as a microbiology
major.  Biol M310 and M315 are assumed.

Course description: How to use the scientific literature and the library;
how to conduct a search of the literature and how to organize and write a
scientific presentation (talks, papers and posters).

Required text:  "Writing Papers in the Biological Sciences", 1997 edition.

Weekly assignments: One chapter of reading in the text and/or an exercise
that typically takes one hour in the library.

Exams/papers: Eight weekly exercises and a final exercise (final exercise
is a talk and annotated bibliography based on literature research).