Criminal Justice-coas | Law & Society: Cross-Cultural Perspective
P340 | 1457 | Lee Luskin

In this class, we focus on the intersection between law and society,
addressing such questions as "What  is law?" "Where does it come
from?"  "What is law's relationship to social, economic, and political
institutions?" "Can law produce social change?"  We will examine these
and other questions in light of the major theoretical approaches that
characterize the scholarship of law and society and empirical research
on them from a variety of national, cultural, and historical settings.

Readings:  To be announced, but students will read a selection of
articles from a variety of diciplines.

Requirements:  Students will be asked to complete short weekly written
assignments, two short papers, and a final examination.

Class meeting:  Two 75 minute classes per week, 9:30-10:45A, TR, GY

Instructor:  Professor Mary Lee Luskin, Criminal Justice Department