Criminal Justice-coas | Legal Aspects of Criminal Justice System 2
P371 | 1458 | Farnsworth

The course is designed to give a broad overview of the procedures and
interests which govern the legal aspects of the criminal justice
The focus will be on police investigation techniques, the right to
counsel, the right against self-incrimination, the law of search and
seizure, and due process in the context of criminal proceedings.  The
goal is not to learn any particular area in detail but rather to gain
a working understanding for criminal procedure in its entirety.

Readings:  "Criminal Law", 4th Edition, Joel Samaha (West Publishing)
This text has been used before
and second-hand copies are available.

Requirements:  There will be three tests during the
semester, worth 30, 30 and 40 points, respectively.
These tests will be open book, open note, and the final exam will be
non-cumulative.  Each successive test will naturally build upon
earlier concepts.  Final grades will be determined from a scale
published with the syllabus.

Class Meeting: Two 75-minute lecture each week (MW,
4:00-5:15P, SW 007)

Instructor: Professor Lisa Farnsworth, Law School