Criminal Justice-coas | Proseminar: Criminal Justice II
P502 | 1473 | Ed. McGarrell

P502 is one of the core courses in the graduate program in criminal
justice.  It is required for the MA, Ph.D., and for Ph.D. minors.  The
class is taught as a seminar.  The course provides an in-depth
examination of criminological theories and the relationship between
theory and crime measurement.  The course will focus primarily on
contemporary criminological theory but placed within the context of
major theoretical traditions.

Students are expected to have some basic familiarity with criminology.
For students with no such background, this can be gained by reading a
basic text like those we use in our undergraduate P200 course.  Please
contact the instructor for further information.

Readings: Eight or nine books and a reading packet

1.  Class attendance and participation
2.  Class presentation
3.  Mid-term open book examination
4.  Final take-home examination

Class meeting: One 150-minute seminar each week (day, time, place)

Enrollment: Masters, Ph.D. students in criminal justice as well as
graduate students from other fields of study

Authorization required

Course will satisfy: CJUS Masters, Ph.D. and Ph.D. minor core

Instructor: Professor Ed McGarrell, Department of Criminal Justice