Criminal Justice-coas | Peacemaking
P680 | 1478 | Hal Pepinsky

This seminar will review work that Hal Pepinsky and others have done
to build and refine theories of how to build peace and community in
place of violence and punishment.

Readings:  Hal expects to have a couple in inexpensive paperbacks on
order, including Gordon Fellman's "Rambo and the Dalai Lama."  For the
most part, readings, (including Hal's own material) will be freely
available as on the web, or will involve library research.

Grading:  Grades will be accumulated point totals from weekly writing
assignments, which may be supplemented or replaced in part by major
research papers and class presentations.  Seminar members should
expect to write a total of 40 pages or more for an A.

Course will satisfy:  Hal will support seminar members asking their
advisers to approve this seminar as meeting elective requirements for
the criminal justice doctorate in any one of the four core areas,
depending on the seminar member's focus.

Class Meeting:  One 150 minute session per week, M, 5:45-8:15P, SY

Instructor:  Professor Hal Pepinsky, Criminal Justice department.