Communication And Culture | Production as Criticism
C335 | 1110 | Dumas

C335 is a course in both film production AND media criticism/theory.  The
course will investigate a single cinematic genre (this semester, it's
science fiction) in two ways:  students will watch sci-fi movies
(including such treats as  Robot Monster, Zardoz, and Starship
Troopers), read critical texts about them, and discuss them in
exhaustive detail, AND students will make their own short videos in the
genre.  Those with an appreciation for an Ed Wood aethetic are invited to
sign up (as are those with an interest in conspiracy theory,
psychoanalysis, techno-paranoia, or "violence in the media").  The
requirements:  students, working in groups, will complete several videos;
working individually, they will lead one discussion group, write a couple
of short (1-2 page) position papers, and take two exams.  There are no
prerequisites, although students who have had either C190 or T283  will
have a distinct advantage.  (Production experience, though, is definitely
NOT a necessity.)  Students with a severe aversion to theoretical jargon
might want to consult with the instructor before signing up.