Communication And Culture | Motion Picture Production
C360 | 1111 | Boessen

> This class is a hands-on introduction to the technical and aesthetic
> basics of making 16mm silent films.  Students learn how to design, direct,
> light, shoot, and edit several short films working individually as well as
> in groups
> In one semester you will learn and practice how to produce, shoot and edit
> a short film; you will become familiar with the basics of treatment and
> script writing, of cinematography and lighting, even with some basics of
> animation and of sound.  While it helps to have had some experience in
> still photography, super-8 or video production, no experience is required
> to complete this course successfully and come away with one or two
> completed projects to show to others.  Because this is an elementary film
> class, however, we cannot produce any complicated or involved projects.
> For example, you cannot make a lip-sync sound film, or a lengthy
> documentary.  Basically, you will be making short silent films; cassette
> tape soundtracks (music or a voice-over) are optional.
Undergraduates only.