Communication And Culture | Intermediate Motion Picture Production
C361 | 1112 | Schwibs

Meets with C561 section # 1128; Pre-requisite: C360/560. This class
introduces students to the making of 16mm sound films, including the
recording and editing of sync sound. The various stages of production are
explored in lectures, lab exercises and through discussions. Pairs of
students will produce and direct a short sync sound exercise and a final
sound film project. You will learn how to use a sync sound camera, a
digital tape recorder, a flatbed editor and a digital editing system, and
you will participate as a crew member in the other students' productions.
Aside from these more technical subjects we will also address questions of
scriptwriting, directing, acting and the like. We will watch and discuss a
great variety of short films made by students and film makers from around
the world. Each student will research a production topic of their choice
and present their findings to the class.