Communication And Culture | Media Genres
C592 | 1130 | Hawkins

M 4:40-6:35
Screening R 7-11
Topic: The History and Politics of the Horror Film

This class is a graduate level class and is not open to undergrads.

In this course we'll take a serious look at horror as a cultural and
cinematic form, and attempt to draw some conclusions about its
politics-sexual, ethnic, familial, racial, economic etc.  How has horror
dealt with changes in sexual mores, gender roles, and family structure?
Political and economic events? The increasing role of technology in our
lives?  Is horror essentially conservative or does it challenge accepted
social paradigms? What is its relationship to mainstream cinema, to art
cinema and to cultural criticism at large?  Work will include a 10 page
conference paper, an oral presentation and a take-home final exam. Reading
will include Carlos Clarens, An Illustrated History of the Horror Film;
Carol J. Clover, Men, Women and Chainsaws; Joan Hawkins, Cutting
Edge:Art-Horror and the Horrific Avant-garde; Gregory Waller, American
Horrors; and a substantial packet of xeroxed essays.  Films will include
classic horror films, art-horror,  Eurotrash, and slashers.    For more
information about the course or about the film list, contact Joan Hawkins,