Communication And Culture | Performance in Communication & Culture
C627 | 1134 | Bauman

Topic:  Rhetoric, Performance, and Public Culture
> [Meets with FOLK F750]
> This course will be devoted to the exploration, in ethnographic and
> comparative perspective, of genres of public speaking, principally
> political oratory and related forms. Our first task will be to develop a
> conceptual and analytical framework for the comparative study of oratory
> as public discourse, as rhetoric, and as performance, with special
> attention to form-function-meaning interrelationships. We will then turn
> to a cross-cultural survey of public speaking as reported in the
> ethnographic literature. The final section of the course will be devoted
> to presentations by seminar participants reporting on their term projects,
> which may include the empirical study of public speaking in a specific
> sociocultural and/or historical context or a critical survey of the
> ethnographic and/or historical literature on public speaking in a
> particular society or culture area. Written work will include a paper of
> ca. 25 pages in length.