Communication And Culture | Topics Comparative Study in Comm/Culture
C645 | 1137 | Bauman

Topic: Social Semiotics of Folklore II.
> [Meets with FOLK F736]
> For much of the 20th century, the study of language has been dominated by
> perspectives oriented toward language as an abstract formal system.  There
> has, however, been a highly productive counter-perspective, centering
> around the social semiotics of language and built upon a conception of
> language as socially constituted, with an emphasis on the situated use of
> language in the conduct of social life.  In this course, the second of a
> two-semester sequence, we will examine sociological, ethnographic, and
> performance-oriented perspectives on the social semiotics of language,
> including the work of Boasian linguistic anthropologists, Bronislaw
> Malinowski, Erving Goffman, Dell Hymes, and practitioners of conversation
> analysis and the ethnography of speaking. Written work will include a
> paper of ca. 25 pages in length.