College Of Arts And Sciences | Agricultural Biotechnology: Scientific, Social, and Ecological Aspects
E105 | 0227 | Innes

Lecture: 1:25P-2:15P, MWF, JH A100

The term "biotechnology" refers to various methods of manipulating life
forms in order to provide desirable products for human use.  Agricultural
biotechnology has profoundly affected the way food is produced. However,
the ramifications of this technology extend far beyond its agronomic
intentions. As a result, agricultural biotechnology has become a highly
controversial subject.  There are several  goals of this course. The first
is to understand the scientific basis of agricultural biotechnology, with
emphasis on genetic engineering. The second is to identify the impact of
biotechnology on agriculture, society and the environment. The third is to
identify and evaluate the risks and benefits of biotechnology. The fourth
is to develop the skills for retrieving and evaluating information about a
controversial technological issue. The fifth is to synthesize information
into a comprehensive and balanced paper on a controversial technological
issue. Information will be presented in a lecture/ discussion format and
will be instructor and student led. There will be several guest lecturers.
Student performance will be based on quizzes, an oral presentation, a paper
and class participation. Students will work individually and in groups.