Education | Methods of Teaching Reading I
E340 | 5216 | Amy Flint

E340, Methods of Teaching Reading, section 5216 is one of three
courses offered in the literacy methods block for students seeking a
degree in elementary education. The section taught by Dr. Amy Seely
Flint is offered at Templeton Elementary School, where we have
opportunities to work with teachers and children in literacy
practices. Many of the mini field experiences focus on how to work
with children in reading events, such literature discussions,
reading/writing interviews, phonemic awareness/word analysis, and
comprehension. Teachers share their expertise and experience with
students in brief “teacher talks” throughout the semester. In addition
to the field experiences, other course topics include: reading models,
critical literacy, content area reading and vocabulary, and
technology. An student inquiry project is required, whereby IU
students share their understandings with teachers at Templeton.