Education | Writing for Graduate and Professional Audiences
L530 | 5673 | John Staunton

Friday morning, 9:30 - 12:15,     Education 3025

This course provides intensive experiences in writing at the graduate
level across areas of education, including problem statements,
literature reviews, methodology descriptions, analyses, terpretations,
and conclusions.  Students critically read and respond to a variety of
academic texts and practice multiple revisions of academic writing.
Focus is on professional academic genres such as term papers,
proposals, dissertations, and conference presentations.  Students
explore writing in context, voice and audience, peer editing and
revision strategies, and the role of writing in the research process.

The course is especially targeted to international students
negotiating writing expectations at an American university, but it is
also useful to American students who want to develop knowledge of
composition and academic literacy.  Students from all education
departments are welcome to the course and can adapt the work they do
to their own fields of study.

For more information contact Martha Nyikos or Sharon Pugh in Language