F121 | 2223 | M. Burnim

This course will explore the relationships among musics of West African and
Central African people and their descendants in the United States, Latin
America and the Caribbean.  Emphasis will be placed on the conceptual
uniformity of musical expression throughout the regions of Africa which
served as a primary source for slaves in the New World, and the diaspora.
Course content will emphasize the necessity of understanding the musical and
cultural values shared by people of African descent as a precursor to
accurate interpretation of the musical systems products which define them.

Required Text:  Collated xeroxed reading packet.
Evaluation:  (365 points)

200 points - Exams:  Two equally weighted exams will be given--a mid-term
and a  final.  Tests will consist of multiple choice questions which cover
reading, lectures, discussion, as well as content from audio visual
supplements, e.g. slides, listening, video and maps.
100 points - Quizzes:  Two quizzes which follow the model of the exams will
be given--one at approximately the fourth week, the other during the twelfth

40  points - Assignments:  Five assignments (ten points each) generated by
readings, films, listening or field experiences will be given during the
semester.  Assignments correspond to the first five segments of the course.
The lowest score will be dropped.

15 points - Attendance:        	0-2 absences - 15 points
				3-4 absences - 10 points
			5-6 absences -   5 points
			7 + absences -   0 points

20 points - Bonus:  Various opportunities will be given during the semester
to earn extra points by attending musical events and preparing a one page
critical analysis which links experiential knowledge with knowledge gained
through lectures and readings. Please take advantage of these offerings;
bonus points can significantly alter your final grade.   NO extra-credit
assignments will be given to individual students.  Exams are not curved and
there are no make-up exams.

Fulfills a COAS Arts and Humanities, Traditions and Ideas distribution