F430 | 8697 | P. Maultsby

Meets with F740.  This course will examine the concept of applied
ethnomusicology within the context of museums and archives, folklife and
cultural heritage centers, and public media organizations (PBS, NPR, PRI).
Using research and production materials from actual projects, we will
explore the work of ethnomusicologists as curators or producers,
researchers, consulting scholars, filmmakers, music supervisors,
contributors to program books, and developers of educational materials for
K-12 instruction and community out-reach programs. This course will also
include a practical component designed to involve students in a project of
one of the above institutions.

Readings will include the history, mission, and philosophy of public sector
institutions and the theories that underscore applied ethnomusicology and
public folklore endeavors.  Guest speakers from these institutions will
discuss the contributions of  ethnomusicologists, and local
ethnomusicologists and folklorists will share their experiences working in
the public sector on music projects as well as those that contained a music

Texts: Kurin, Richard. Smithsonian Folklife Festival:  Culture Of, By, an
For the People. 1998;  Davis, Richard. Complete Guide to Film Scoring. The
Art and Business of Writing Music for Movies and T.V. 1999; and chapters
from books on reserve.

Assignments/Grading: includes participation in class discussions; journal
entries based on notes and observations about the research and production
materials from actual projects (25%); participation in a project (35%); and
two exams (40%).

Fulfills a COAS Social and Historical Studies, Social Inquiry distribution