F722 | 2253 | C. Jaquez

Meets with F638.  This course focuses on the construction of Chicana/Latina
bodies in contemporary public spaces, in particular  how dance movement is
often ethnically defined along cultural  stereotypes-i.e., the Latin lover,
the promiscuous Latina, and the "hotness" or "spiciness" of Latino popular
musics.  Careful attention is given to how these stereotypes exist as part
of the accepted norm in interpreting Latina cultural expression.  The
socio-cultural constraints on Latina engagement of dance, music, and control
of the body (sex,  sexuality, gender, and race) are used  as key concepts in
exploring this arena. This interdisciplinary course draws upon materials
from a variety of  sources, including musicology, ethnomusicology, cultural
studies, film studies,  anthropology, sociology, and popular culture.
Requirements:  Students are  required  to submit a substantial end of term
research paper (approximately  20-25 pp.).  In addition to consulting
written primary and secondary sources, students are encouraged to
incorporate field  methodologies such as interviews  and/or observations.
It is expected that students engaging in field methodologies will
familiarize themselves with  anthropological/ethnomusicological literature
that explores field work ethics. Students will also lead one class
discussion and complete a mid-term essay examination.

End  of Term  Paper
50  pts.
Preparing and  leading a class  discussion                           	20
1 Essay Exam  (mid-term)
Attendance  and  Participation
100 pts.
A+ =  98-100		B   =   83-86		C-   =  70-72
A   =  93-97		B-  =  80-82		D+  =  67-69
A-  =  90-92		C+ = 77-79		D    =  63-66
B+ =  87-89		C   =  73-76                	D-   =  60-62
				F     =
below 60