F736 | 2254 | R. Bauman

Meets first eight weeks only.  Meets with CMCL C645.
For much of the 20th century, the study of language has been dominated by
perspectives oriented toward language as an abstract formal system.  There
has, however, been a highly productive counter-perspective, centering around
the social semiotics of language and built upon a conception of language as
socially constituted, with an emphasis on the situated use of language in
the conduct of social life.  In this course, the second of a two-semester
sequence, we will examine sociological, ethnographic, and
performance-oriented perspectives on the social semiotics of language,
including the work of Boasian linguistic anthropologists, Bronislaw
Malinowski, Erving Goffman, Dell Hymes, and practitioners of conversation
analysis and the ethnography of speaking.

Written work will include a paper of ca. 25 pages in length.