French And Italian | Lectures et analyses littéraires
F300 | 2312 | O'Sullivan

This course has several goals: 1) to expose students to a wide range of French
literary texts and genres from the Middle Ages to the twentieth-century; 2) to
develop students' ability to read and interpret literary texts; and 3) to further
students' command of oral and written French.  Our course's theme will be "Le vice
et la vertu." Come read and talk about jaded priests who sell their souls to the
devil, virtuous women, seductive men, merciful dictators, and treacherous patriots.
The semester's pièce de résistance promises to be our reading
of an abridged version of Les Liaisons dangereuses.  We will also consider
two film versions of the book: the 1960 French classic as well as the newest
American adaptation, Cruel Intentions.  Taught in French.