French And Italian | Contemporary France: Film and Culture
F311 | 2319 | Berkvam

This course, in English (with all readings, papers and exams in English) looks
at the cultural and historical evolution of France since 1945.  Students read
recent novels by French authors that illustrate aspects of this cultural and
historical change.  One section of the course will be devoted to the evolution
of Paris and the Paris region since 1945.  On Wednesday evenings students view
feature films that also show aspects of life in France from the 1940's to the
present. Among the authors to be read are Marguerite Duras, Georges Perec,
Annie Ernaux, Amélie Nothomb and Nancy Huston.  There will be three
exams and three papers based on topics developed by each student.  Final grades
will be based on the exams and papers and on class participation.  On Tuesdays
there will be lectures on aspects of French culture depicted in the film shown
on Wednesday, and on Thursday we will discuss the films and the novels.