French And Italian | Studies in French Civilization
F561 | 2344 | Berkvam

Topic: La France contemporaine: film et culture.  This course looks at the
evolution of France since the end of World War II, with an emphasis on historical
and cultural changes.  The course is taught in French with all written work and
examinations in French.  Students read novels that shed light on cultural and
historical changes by authors such as Marguerite Duras, Georges Perec, Claire
Etcherelli, Annie Ernaux, Amélie Nothomb and Nancy Huston.  On Wednesday
evenings students view recent feature films from French film makers that also
illustrate cultural and historical changes.  Students will write three papers
based on topics of their choice suggested by the readings.  The Tuesday class
period will be devoted to a lecture on a specific subject treated by the
file they will view on Wednesday, Thursday class periods will be discussions
of the films and the readings.  There will be three exams and three papers on
which the final course grade is based, along with class participation.

This course is taught with F461.  In addition to the novels read in the
undergraduate course, graduate students read works by Simone de Beauvoir,
Nancy Huston and Nina Bouraoui, and write one additional paper.