French And Italian | French Lexicology and Lexicography
F677 | 2348 | Valdman

This seminar will deal with a variety of aspects of the structure of the
French lexicon.  It will also examine the process of dictionary compilation
and evaluation.  An important aspect of the course will be hands-on experience
in the use of computer technology for various lexicographic and lexicological
tasks, for example the compilation of data bases, use of the optic scanner,
preparation of concordances, and automatic text analysis.  Another major
orientation of the course will be examining the consequences of language
variation in lexicological and lexicographic research: stylistic and
sociolinguistic variation within Standard French, regional variation and
variation in French-speaking communities (Quebec, Louisiana, Belgium,
Switzerland) and contact-induced variations in other francophone countries.
Class participants will also have the opportunity of interaction with the
research staff of two current research projects of the Creole Institute: the
Cajun French and Haitian Creole projects.

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