French And Italian | 20th Century Italian Literature and Culture
M453 | 2376 | Lèbano

The aim of this course is to give students a broad, but not necessarily
superficial, overview of Italian literature and culture in Italy during the
first 60 years of the 20th century.  All aspects of life in Italy during this
turbulent and dramatic period will be examined as they are discussed and/or
portrayed in the novels, in the additional reading materials and in the
several films that will be shown in and out of the class.  To supplement
limited class time, several times during the semester students will be
invited to the instructor's home for additional discussion and further
viewing.  Students will be graded on their active participation in class
discussions and will be required to write a final term paper in Italian on
a topic or topics chosen in consultation with the instructor.

Required reading:
Ignazio Silone, Fontamara. Milano: Mondari (paper)
Elio Vittorini, Uomini e no. Milano: Oscar Mondadori.
Primo Levi, La tregua.  Torino: Einaudi (paper)
Leonardo Scaiscia, II giorno della civetta.  Tirino, Einaudi (paper)
Additional reading material will be provided by the instructor