French And Italian | Renaissance Italian Literature and Culture
M504 | 2382 | Scalabrini

The Poetics of Comedy in the Italian Renaissance.  This course will focus
on the comic literature of the Italian Renaissance.  We will examine the
various manifestations of comedy in genres such as the novella, the facetia,
the apologue, the comoedia, the heroic and mock-heroic poem, and the satire.
Special attention will be paid to the stylistic, anthropological and
theological dimensions of the comic.  In our discussion we will also consider
some of the fifteenth- and sixteenth-century meditations on the question of
comedy, namely those by Pontano, Castiglione, Della Casa and Castelvetro.
Readings will include works by Boccaccio, Pulci, Folengo, Ariosto, Machiavelli,
Bibbiena, Aretino and Bruno.  The course will be conducted in Italian.

Required texts: La novella del grasso legnaiuolo; N. Machiavelli, La
mandragola - Belfagor; G. Bruno, Il candelaio.  All other texts will
be available in the reader.