Germanic Languages | Intro to German Lit
G306 | 2577 | Breon Mitchell

G306	Introduction to German Literature: Themes (3 cr.) 		 		
	Topic:	Fathers and Sons

Prerequisite: G300 with a grade of C- or higher. Recommended: G330.
This course will treat the theme of Fathers and Sons in German
Literature, with emphasis on the late nineteenth and early twentieth
centuries.  Beginning with the Biblical parable of the Prodigal Son,
we will trace the tension between filial duty and the desire to become
an independent person.  We will read selections from Thomas Mann's
Buddenbrooks, short stories by Theodor Storm, Franz Kafka and Gunter
Grass and a play by Gerhardt Hauptmann.  There will be a mid-term and
a final.

Texts:	Werner der Gartenaere: Meier Helmbrecht
	Theodor Storm: Hans und Heinz Kirch
	Gerhardt Hauptmann: Michael Kramer
	Rainer Maria Rilke: Die Aufzeichnungen des Malte Laurids
	Franz Kafka: Das Urteil und andere Geschichte