Germanic Languages | Perspectives on German Literature
G415 | 2588 | Ingeborg Hoesterey

G415: Perspective on German Literature: A Time-Space Culture Trip

Prerequisite: G305/G306.  In the debate about a new "Hauptstadtkultur"
for unified Berlin, the cosmopolitan, anti-conventional, daring spirit
of the 1920's metropolis is frequently invoked.  In visiting the
sights, sounds, and sites that currently make up  or are projected as
 the "cultural capital" of 21st-century Berlin , we will relate these
developments to the far-reaching innovations in the arts made during
the Weimar Republic, the first, short-lived democracy in German

Topics will address continuities and change in performance practices,
the visual arts ( e.g. Dada and postmodern conceptual installation),
controversial literary scenes then and now, film, and "Event-Kultur."
A special focus will be devoted to avant-garde architectural
structures as the symbolic site of attempts at restoring the Jewish
presence integral to pre-Nazi Berlin.

Texts: Collage text available at Collegiate Copies,  January 2001.
Bertolt Brecht, Die Dreigroschenoper.

Grade requirements: Presentation in class based on web material to be
developed , adding other sources, into a paper of 6-8 pp. length
(midterm). Final examination consisting of mini-essays on topics
selected from a list of choices.