Germanic Languages | German Film & Popular Culture
G418 | 2589 | Katy Fraser

G418 Film and Popular Culture: 						
Prerequisite: G305/G306. The texts in this course have been selected
from German popular culture: film, television, popular literature, and
journalism.  While American influence is evident in many of these
media, there are still aspects that rely on a core of German Kulturgut
and reflect German history of the last century. During the course we
will attempt to tease out these essentially German elements from the

	Wilhelm Busch, Heinrich Hoffmann, Max und Moritz/ Der
	Elke Heidenreich, Am Südpol denkt man, ist es heiß,
	Hera Lind, Der gemietete Mann
	Doris Dörrie, Der Mann meiner Träume,
	Bernhard Schlink, Liebesfluchten,

A course package of additional readings will also be required as well
as viewing of films and TV programs.