Germanic Languages | Readings in German for Grad students
G492 | 2594 | Terence Thayer

G492  Readings in German for Graduate Students			
This course enables students to increase the accuracy and fluency of
their reading skills in German through a comprehensive review of basic
grammar, attention to advanced points of grammar, systematic expansion
of vocabulary, and regular reading and translation of original,
unedited scholarly writing and similar texts.  The class is conducted
entirely in English; listening, speaking, and writing skills are not
developed, although some pronunciation practice is included.

Any graduate student may enroll in G491 who has either 1) completed
G491 at IUB with a grade of B or higher, or 2) achieved an official
score of 20 or higher on Form A (Form B:11) of the campus GSFLE, which
is administered by the Bureau of Evaluative Studies and Testing.
Please note that G492 carries no graduate credit (towards graduate
degree credit-hour requirements) in the University Graduate School,
although most departments accept G492 enrollment as part of a
student's current program of study.

The Department of Germanic Studies does not permit auditing of G492
for any reason.

The texts required for G492 are:

Hubert Jannach and Richard Alan Korb, German for Reading Knowledge,
4th edition
	[this edition only!] (Boston: Heinle & Heinle, 1998).
	Readings in this book not completed in G491 in fall 2000 will
be completed in G492.

a course reader for grammar review

a course reader for translation and reading practice

A good German-English dictionary is also essential.  Recommended are:

The Oxford-Duden German Dictionary: German-English / English-German.
	Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1994 or later.
Langenscheidt New College German Dictionary: German-English /
	New York and Berlin: Langenscheidt, 1995 or later).