Germanic Languages | Dutch Reading, Comp and Conv II
N250 | 2572 | Inge Van der Cruysse-Van Antwerpen

N250/404 Dutch Reading, Composition, and Conversation II (3 cr.)

Inge Van der Cruysse-Van Antwerpen
Prerequisite: N200 or permission of the instructor.  N250/N404 will
mainly concentrate on three topics: 1) Colonial literature in Dutch.
Short stories from Indonesia, Caribbean , South Africa, the Congo +
introduction to colonial history and the influence of the Netherlands
and Belgium in other parts of the world.  2) Dutch and Belgian films
3) Short survey of Dutch literary history: main genre = poetry.

-	Short film project: presentation of a film to the class.
-	A final paper
-	Shorter weekly assignments.

The skills focused on in the 4th semester are: perfection of grammar
and writing.  The films will help your listening comprehension of the
native language spoken in a natural environment.  Oral skills will be
enhanced by active participation in discussions and by presenting two
main projects in class and smaller ones throughout the semester.
Special time will be set aside to incorporate special interests of
students in the class.

Texts:   Haasse, Hella. Oeroeg. Singel Pockets. ISBN 9041-300031
	Kramers Woodenboeken N-E , E-N (ISBNs 9-0688-22-73-X,
	Course reader.