Germanic Languages | Intermediate Yiddish I
Y503 | 2600 | Dov Ber Kerler

Fulfills Jewish Studies Language and Literature course

Prerequisite: Y150.  This course is a continuation of Y150 and will
cover the equivalent of Units 8b-11 of "Yiddish: An Introduction to
the Language, Literature and Culture", which will be provided together
with additional materials from the course reader.. The class is
conducted mainly in Yiddish and emphasizes the four basic language
skills: speaking, reading, writing, and aural comprehension.  Students
are required to participate actively in class and do daily homework
assignments. There will be chapter tests and a comprehensive final
exam. Upon completion of this course, students who have attended
classes regularly and successfully completed all assignments and exams
should be able to converse and write on a large variety of everyday
topics as well as on some literary pieces and should be able to use
most of the basic grammatical structures.

Texts:	Modern English-Yiddish Dictionary; Weinreich, Uriel; YIVO
Institute for Jewish Research