Spanish & Portuguese | Contemporary Brazilian Literature
P581 | 3735 | S. Karpa-Wilson

Professor Sabrina Karpa-Wilson	

MW 11:15am - 12:30pm/section #3735/3cr./Ballantine Hall 335

Contemporary Brazilian Literature
Topic: Gender and the Writing of Self

In this course we will consider various ways in which
contemporary Brazilian writers have approached the question of self-
writing. Special importance will be given to the complex connections
between the written formulation of subjectivity and gender roles,
expectations and explorations. Some of the writers we will look at
include: Graciliano Ramos, Sergio Sant'Anna, Clarice Lispector,
Helena Parente Cunha and Marilene Felinto. We will also look at the
genre of the cronica as a vehicle for  self-writing.

Assignments will include oral presentations, short response
papers and a final paper.