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S310 Spanish Grammar and Composition (3 credits)
Prerequisite:  S275 or equivalent

This course integrates the four basic language skills into both a review of
the major points of Spanish grammar and a structured approach to
composition.  Course work will combine grammar exercises with the writing
of compositions of increasing length and complexity.  Credit given for only
one of these courses, S310 or S311.

S310    #3866    10:10-11:00A    MWF   BH209    STAFF
S310    #3867    10:10-11:00A    MWF   BH315    Prof. S. Falconi
S310    #3868    11:15-12:05P     MWF   BH144   STAFF
S310    #3869    11:15-12:05P     MWF   KH203   STAFF
S310    #3870    12:20-1:10P       MWF   BH345   STAFF
S310    #3871      1:25-2:15P       MWF   BH322    STAFF
S310    #3872      2:30-3:20P       MWF   BH139    STAFF
S310 AUTH   #3873   2:30-3:20P  MWF  BH016  Prof. K. Geeslin
Above section #3873 open to Honors Students only - See Honors College
for on-line authorization.  Above seciton meets with another HISP S310
S310    #3874       2:30-3:20P     MWF     BH016   Prof. K. Geeslin
Above section #3874 meets with HISP S310 Honors section.
S310    #3875       3:35-4:25P      MWR    BH232    Prof. M. Valdez
S310    #3876       4:40-5:30P      MWR    BH236    Prof. M. Valdez
S310    #3877       9:30-10:45A    TR        BH137     STAFF
S310    #3878       1:00-2:15P       TR        BH215     STAFF