Spanish & Portuguese | The Hispanic World II
S332 | 3901 | Dinverno

S332 The Hispanic World II  (3 credits)
Prerequisites: S331 or S333

This course provides an introduction to Spanish literature and the
analysis of literary texts.  It is shaped, then, to both engage with
Spanish texts from different time periods, as well as focus on
something that you probably already take for granted: reading.
During the semester, we will learn how to read critically and
creatively, analyzing both what is written as well as how it is
expressed, studying the implications its formal expression has for
our understanding of the text.  On the other hand, we will also
consider what we as readers bring to the text:  what cultural
baggage we carry - consciously or unconsciously - when we
interpret these signs, how it influences our readings, and how
awareness of these biases can enrich our literary dialogues.

As an introduction to literature, the class will familiarize you with
the tools for the analysis of film and three literary genres:  narrative,
poetry, and drama.  We will focus on both the technical vocabulary
of each, as well as the conceptual and practical relationship between
the genre and the text we interpret.  Readings will likely include prose
fiction by Don Juan Manuel, Pardo Bazán, Unamuno, Matute,
Fernández Cubas and Loriga; poetry by Garcilaso, Quevedo,
Góngora, Espronceda, Bécquer, Rosalia de Castro,
Machado, Cernuda, Angel Gonzalez, Gloria Fuertes, and Luisa Castro;
theatre by Garcia Lorca;  and film most likely by Almodóvar
and Camús.

Course evaluation will be based on a combination of short writing
assignments, presentations, exams, and class participation.

Class discussions and assignments in Spanish.

S332    #3901   4:00P-5:15P   TR   BH241   Prof. Melissa Dinverno