Spanish & Portuguese | "Don Quijote"
S450 | 3906 | Larson

S450 "Don Quijote"  (3 credits)         LITERATURE
Prerequisites:  S331 and S332 (S333 could be substituted
for either S331 or S332.)

The course will introduce the students to the richness and
complexities of Miguel de Cervantes's fictional world with a
close reading of "Don Quijote".  We will explore such issues
as the relationship between this masterpiece, the Spanish
Golden Age, and the human condition; self-consciousness
in narrative; the reasons why many critics consider the work
the first modern novel; the critical reception of the work; and
the modernity of the text.  Heavy emphasis will be placed on
class participation.

Midterm exam                                                   25%
Final exam                                                         25%
Written assignments                                          30%
Class participation/Attendance/Preparation      20%

The course will be conducted in Spanish.

S450   #3906  9:30-10:45A   TR   BH140   Professor Catherine Larson

NOTE: Students wishing to receive credit for honors work must register
for this course under the rubric of READINGS FOR HONORS,
S498, section 3911.