Spanish & Portuguese | Bibliography and Methods of Research
S504 | 3913 | Kathleen Myers

Professor Kathleen Myers

MW 4:00pm - 5:15pm/section #3913/3cr./Ballantine Hall 140

The aim of this course is to introduce graduate students to a broad
range of essential components for the successful completion of a
research program and degree.  The course will include sections on:
basic literary terms
basic interdisciplinary and theoretical approaches
computer-based research, especially bibliographical searches and
textual analysis
preparation of research papers, from format to thesis development
expository style and self-editing
preparation of abstracts, reviews, and grants
working with archival searches and manuscript material
compilation of key bibliographical material (dictionaries,
encyclopedias, anthologies, etc.)
preparation of a C.V.
familiarization with key journals

Besides regular class meetings, we will meet frequently with
librarians at both the Main Library and the Lilly Library for hands-
on demonstrations of computer searches and archival work.  Much of
the work will be project-oriented (i.e., completing a task that deals
with the targeted skill), and, therefore, will entail turning in
bibliographies, abstracts, sample C.V., etc. thorough out the