Spanish & Portuguese | History of the Spanish Language
S603 | 3916 | Consuelo Lopez-Morillas

Professor Consuelo López-Morillas

TR 2:30pm - 3:45pm/section #3916/3cr./Ballantine Hall 018

History of the Spanish Language

Prerequisite: fulfillment of the Latin requirement (may be taken
concurrently).  This course is required for Ph.D. students in Spanish
Literature.  The rise and development of Spanish in the Iberian
Peninsula and Latin America, seen in historical and cultural
contexts.  The history of sounds, grammatical forms, and words; major
dialects; the evolution of prose style to the 18th century.

There will be a midterm, a paper/project, and a final exam.

Required texts
Rafael Lapesa, Historia de la lengua española, 9th ed. (1981) or
Course packet